Sunday, July 12, 2009

Extreme Weekend

Dudes, if I must say so myself, I'm awesome on a skateboard! I started off with a gnarly kick flip and then went into a wicked ollie. Then, from the quarterpipe I transied onto the vert ramp. Fer sure, that's where the trouble started. Some dweeb didn't wait his turn so I had to speed up to avoid him.......... Dudes, my speed was off the richter!!! Fer sure I wiped out mondo! I'm okay though. I had my fin pads on.


Mikki on the go said...

Yes, your fins still look beautiful and delicate, which tells us that you are very ok, thank god.
By the way, all terms about skateboard sound like Greek to me, I'm an ignorant in skateboard.

Life With Dogs said...

Your blog rocks, and you are easily the coolest fish in the blogosphere!

Look out Tony Hawk!

Brind'Amour said...

Hey little dude, I used to have a skateboard like that!! You rock!